End of the road

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So it’s been months and months. I feel so badly for keeping you guys waiting for so long without news, but this has been a pretty huge transitional time for me, with real life and a real job, plus figuring out where I am as an artist post-college and where I’m trying to go. I can’t promise regular updates, but I very much want to get through the rest of these short stories I’ve got scripts for… and hopefully I’ll be able to deliver that, even if it’s a bit slow going. I know the RSS here is broken and I have never been able to figure out how to fix it, but a good way to find me lately is on tumblr (bridgioto.tumblr.com). Again, I’m so sorry for the lack of news. I’ll try not to leave you hanging like that again, even if it’s just a little blog update here once in a while. That said, here we go, to the finish…

New schedule

Looks like Tues/Thurs won’t be working out with… work. Going to try for once-weekly updates on Sunday. I’ll try and get a comic up on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend to make up for the gap here.


Aaaaaand as usual things are not on schedule. Still settling into work here and finishing up some other extra projects. No comic Tuesday :( If it looks like I can’t do Thursday either, I’ll make sure to at least post some filler art!

Hailey's blog

short histories

So way back in about 2008 when this comic was first being born, if you will (gahhhh sooo loooong ago!), I sent Bridget character lists with sort of absurdly detailed backstories. Some of it has made it into the comic, some of it has proved completely irrelevant, and some of it I kept hoping would come up but never actually did. So, the following sort-of-arc will consisit of some combination of those categories of information. :)


I wanted to make this post to gush over how amazing Bridget is, but I realized that it would be too unnecessarily long and incoherent. So in brief: she has taken my completely incoherent script directions and made something absolutely beautiful. Bridget, you rule. :)

Already have some ideas for the next arcs… what do you hope/predict will happen? I promise to avoid stealing ideas that are better than mine. ;)


So… I’m still alive, for the record. Though the script snafu of early September certainly suggested otherwise… all I can do is offer my most profuse apologies. Any and all slacking this fall has been totally my fault. I’m spending my fall semester in England, and was unexpectedly without internet access for the first two weeks.

As for the story arc that wouldn’t end… I am absolutely thrilled to report that I just sent the final scripts to Bridget mere moments ago. There’s always the possibility of additions, as Bridget comes up with brilliant plot ideas that never crossed my mind… but I think it’s done. So the end is in sight!

Alan Bennett, one of my favorite playwrights, talks about the play you intended to write which is hidden, somewhere, within the play you actually end up writing. Dovecote isn’t a play, of course, but the principle applies… the story I set out to write was so very different from the beast this thing became… And there were definitely some growing pains along the way (like, um, the date of the battle changing halfway through… er…). But I think its heart remained intact, even as the details shifted wildly, including an entirely new ending thought up by Bridget right before we both left for school.

So, I want to apologize again for all the ball-dropping that happened on my end the past month or so. You guys are amazingly awesome and I feel terrible for having left you in suspense. And I promise that the next story arc will be very, very short…