What is the Battle of Dovecote Crest?

Story: In 1862, a small and overlooked battle was fought at Dovecote Crest in Arkansas. Today, a small and overlooked company of Civil War reenactors fights the good fight once more. Charlie Grant, alongside her friends Tess and Ben, finds herself temporarily employed at Dovecote Crest as a Union soldier – a position she finds frustrating in the face of her desire to be a “real historian”. But even as she finds herself being offered a museum job, Jeremy Lee, the director of the reenactment, begins to show her a very different way of seeing and understanding history, the Civil War, and perhaps their own relationship…

Schedule: Dovecote Crest currently updates two days a week – Tuesday and Thursday. The offset schedule is partly because those days can be a bit lonely for webcomic readers, considering the large number of comics that stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. Hailey and Bridget update their news blogs on the main page at any time, so there may be extras, links, and news there on any given day.

Art: After getting the scripts from Hailey, I sketch the comic out in pencil, then scan it. All finishing work (inking, colors, and shading) is done with an Intuos Wacom tablet in Photoshop CS2. Lettering is done by hand with the Wacom as well.