Charlie Grant
Union soldier. Graduated less recently than she’ll willingly admit, and still can’t quite believe she’s spent as long as she has in Dovecote Crest. She hopes to hold a ‘real’ historical position at a museum or university in the future.
Jeremy Lee
Union soldier. Inherited the directorship of the Dovecote Crest Historical Center from his father. He’s clever and easygoing as long as he can stay on the subject of the Civil War, but in any social situation, proves hopelessly shy and awkward.
Ben Forrest
Confederate soldier. Handsome, flirty, confident, and apparently none too bright, Ben likes pretending to shoot people and harassing Jeremy and Tess.
Tess Sherman
Battlefield nurse. Charlie’s best friend in college and Jeremy’s fellow Arkansas native, Tess is smart, sweet, and spunky out of necessity. Hey, it’s not easy being the only one in a skirt.

Other Dovecote Crest Employees

Jim McCall
A Revolutionary War scholar who likes the Civil War enough to work at Dovecote Crest. A calming and uniting influence on the rather eclectic combination of personalities there.
Alexander Phelps
Charismatic and clever, Alex is the perfect counterpart to Ben, who tends to be charismatic and a bit dim. Were he born 100 years earlier, he would have been a dandy.
Matthieu Beauregard
A native of France who decided he liked America’s civil war better than France’s own collection. Cheerful and enthusiastic.
Davy Rowlins
Originally wanted to be an actor – stumbled upon his job at Dovecote somewhat by accident, like Charlie. Usually tormented by Ben because he’s short. Gets along well with Tess, as he feels a little out of place amongst the history nerds of the group.

Other People In General

Justin Bee
An elementary school teacher who happened to be chaperoning a class on a visit to Dovecote Crest. Polite, gentlemanly, and a bit of an overthinker.

The Forrest Brothers: Ben’s family

The ladies’ man.
The one in charge.
The musician.
Pyrotechnician. Really.