As God is my witness…

I forget if I’ve mentioned it, but this summer I read Gone With the Wind for the first time. And today I finally got to watch the film with Hailey! Truly, truly epic.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Morgan says:

    How fantastic is Gone with the Wind? I just reread the book and am saving a rewatch of the film to get myself amped for my Civil War course this fall. (And will probably end up rereading all of Dovecote :D)

  2. dadman says:

    I keep forgetting just how young you two are. :) I think I was watching Gone With the Wind in French Lick, Indiana at the Odeon 10 years before either of you were born (and 8 years before I married my lovely bride, with whom I attended said matinee).

    And I’m old enough too that my first thought after “As God is my witness…” was “…I thought turkeys could fly.” XD