Don’t worry!

Comic will be up by early afternoon today. Apologies for the delay!

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Cheryl says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So glad Dovecote’s being updated again.

  2. annoyedwabbit says:

    YAAAAAY! I checked the site on a whim just now and was SO EXCITED to see new updates! :D

  3. Bounyen says:

    Lilian asked a good question and I can only anwser it here;If you don’t blog and don’t have a gallery on SCS, you can still enter to be eligible to win. You just have to post your photo in a photo gallery of your choice (Facebook, Photobucket,Slide, Bebo or some other site on the internet) and then copy and paste the link in the comment section here so we can all see it!