As you may have noticed, I literally fell off the face of the earth for a few weeks.

After starting what I thought would be a fairly easygoing quarter back at SCAD, I found myself really, really severely overcommitted. I knew this would happen eventually, what with my chronic inability to say “no” to new projects, and I’m just sorry it was Dovecote that had to suffer for it. I miss drawing Dovecote so much.

All is not lost, though! I have three and a half weeks left in this quarter, and shortly thereafter I fly to France. I’m only taking two classes while I’m abroad, not to mention being forcibly removed from the possibility of volunteering for any more short films. So, I may finally, finally have the time to get back to Dovecote.

Thanks as always for your patience and understanding. Miss you all!

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    • Bridget says:

      Alas, I’ll be down in Lacoste, near Marseilles. But I’ll be doing some traveling here and there, so if I’m up north… Who knows! :)
      Are you a French native? I’m desperately jealous of the comics scene you have going over there.

      • Wood says:

        I am a French native, born and raised in a comic-reading family :-)

        I hope you enjoy your stay in France, learn to speak French with a southern accent and read as many comics as you can (hint : most public libraries have lots of comics). Comics are a great way to learn a language.

  1. Graceofbass says:

    Wait, you’re at SCAD? The Savannah College of Art and Design? I live in Savannah! I just moved here a month ago. How neat!

  2. Sean says:

    wzryextrucytkgvhlb You’re going to Lacoste?! Lucky! Unfortunately, none of the classes I’d be taing are offered at Lacoste, so I won’t have a chance to go. :(

  3. lauren says:

    oh, have fun abroad!

  4. Sam says:

    Good luck with everything! And have fun in France :)

  5. Miss you guys! I’ve been checking the comic frequently in hopes that there will be an update soon. But looks like you’ve got plenty going on — if you’re not in France yet, safe journeys!

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