National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

…is today. Worldwide some 27 million people are enslaved, more than double the number of enslaved Africans during the trans-Atlantic slave trade; and UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children are sold yearly, often into sexual slavery. This trade occurs in secret, meaning that unless awareness can be raised, little can stop it.

To raise money to fight modern-day slavery, the Comic Creator’s Alliance has gathered over 80 creators to contribute art to an epic donation wallpaper. All proceeds from the donation drive will be split between Love146 and Gracehaven House, organizations that work to prevent slavery and rehabilitate its victims.

If you wish to donate, the wallpaper and donation button are over at the main page of the Comic Creator’s Alliance website.

Many thanks to Lora Innes for organizing this whole effort! She’s one amazing lady.

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  1. Jess says:

    I donated yesterday – and I think it’s a great fundraiser! Wonderful work :)

  2. mason010 says:

    Same Here!!!! IF you have not done so yet then donate whatever you can, like the wind.

  3. Wynne says:

    “Half the Sky” by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is an amazing and ridiculously moving book about the oppression of women in the third world, including trafficking, discusses not only these types of problems, but also how we can solve them. You should all check it out (After donating, of course!).

  4. Sparrow says:

    I love being able to pick out Charlie’s face in my pretty new desktop :3

  5. Alana Abbott says:

    Just wanted to say I came over here after donating to the comic creators’ drive and finding Charlie among the desktop characters. Her look intrigued me, so I came by to check out the comic… and got completely hooked! Good stuff here — you’ve got a new reader!

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