New schedule

Looks like Tues/Thurs won’t be working out with… work. Going to try for once-weekly updates on Sunday. I’ll try and get a comic up on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend to make up for the gap here.

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  1. Flor says:

    Nice! Good luck with work! :D

  2. M.E.B. says:

    I was so pleasantly surprised when I got on this sight and saw that you were updating again! I haven’t visited since the hiatus, but I SO pleased that this comic is running again. :) I’ll be sure to check here on the weekends!

  3. Grabie says:

    No worries man. Just the fact that you are producing is good enough.

    Also, is there any progress on getting the RSS running again?

  4. Jen S. says:

    What happened?

  5. Robert E. Lee says:

    I’m waiting……
    In the meantime, my beard is turning white. See what this added stress does to me?

  6. Jen S. says:

    You’ve disappeared again!
    It seems like I’ve been waiting for a couple of years for the regular updates to start again. I have to say that I’m truly saddened that Dovecote Crest is slowly phasing out of existence. I started reading Dovecote as a Sophomore, in high school. Now. I’m a Freshman, in college. I’m still waiting, checking back with hope and anticipation, every few weeks. Not even an update saying that you’re still alive and well. :/
    I hope things pick up again, soon…

    • Victoria says:

      I was also so excited to see that there were going to be new updates but now they’ve vanished again. Very disappointing to keep checking back all the time to discover no updates and no news. What’s happening?

  7. Katsuya says:

    Hey, hope the two of you are okay!

  8. wynne says:

    Are you guys alive? I want you guys to be alive.

  9. Riaven says:

    Please at least update the news to let us know why you stopped so suddenly. It would be nice to not be left in the dark so much. It’s a beautiful story and I’m going crazy waiting for you to post the next page! I hope you’re doing well, please return soon.

  10. TheOddAngle says:

    I keep coming back, every week, hoping for an update. Are you still publishing?

  11. McRoi says:

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving Girls! Hope your break is going well.

  12. Jen S. says:

    Still nothing! D:

    I’m beginning to believe they have abandoned us.

  13. scrappy says:

    I completely understand that they are busy and this is a free comic. But it takes two minutes to say they need a break or no longer have time to work on it.

    • Vixen says:

      Agreed. I’m giving up, no point in coming back when they can’t even be bothered to drop a sentence or two letting us know what is happening. Sad because I adored this comic but it is just time to move on for me

  14. Jessica says:

    I’m sad that there are no more comics I just got hooked and read everything and now its not being updated =(

  15. Just stopping by to check the site for updates (like usual) and wanted to wish you both a Happy New Year! Hope you’re both well.

  16. LadyOtter says:

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewssss!! Want. NEWWWWSS. Sigh. :(

  17. ThomasSoype says:

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