Paris :)

Off to a bit of a rocky start here with Dovecote’s return. This week they’re whisking us away to Paris, and I won’t be able to work on or update Dovecote until I get back. But I’m thumbnailing all the upcoming strips, so updates will start rolling smoothly soon enough.

I can’t tell you how much it means that you all were waiting and checking the site during our long absence. We’ve got the best readers ever :)

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  1. Wood says:

    Well, that’s what RSS feeds are for :) You update whenever you feel like updating and we get the notification.

    I don’t know how much free time you’ll get in Paris, but maybe you”d be interested in knowing where to buy good comics ?

    My favourite comics store is “Librairie Super-Héros” (they don’t actually sell super-heroes comics), near Beaubourg (aka “Centre Pompidou”)

    I also like “La Comète de Carthage” :

    Also in the Quartier Latin, There is “Album” in the Rue Dante, but in my opinion, they are starting to look like a BD supermarket. but there are lots of new and used comics stores ion the same area…

    Like Aaapoum Bapoum, for example :

    • Bridget says:

      This is awesome! We’re on this trip with a large number of sequential art students, so there will definitely be lots of comic book shop trips ;) Thanks for the recommendations!

      • Wood says:

        Oh and How could I forget… There is also this shop who hasn’t quite got a name… it sells second, hand, used, vintage, “collectors” comics and the owner is extremely friendly. It’s in the 18ème arrondissement, which is a bit of a remote place, but I visit it every time I get to Paris. The address is 18 rue Pajol, near the Métro “Max Dormoy”. it’s open from the tuesday to the saturday, only in the afternoon. (you know, comics in France can be expensive, so buying second-hand is an interesting option)

        They don’t really have a site, but there’s a facebook page :

    • Alectric says:

      Yes, that’s what RSS feeds are for. Too bad their is still broken.

  2. Alli says:

    Ooooooooooo have fun!!!!

  3. Mae says:

    I love this comic! Looking forward to the new content.

  4. LadyOtter says:

    Meh. I never liked Paris. Too crowded. My family is from Burgundy, and it’s a pretty nice spot. Hope you have fun! I do have a question… Is that Tess sitting in the front row? LOL AWESOME!!! :D

  5. Dragonblossom says:

    I hope you’re having a good time in Paris! I’ve been reading the comic since I found in back in March, now I’m all caught up. Would like to be able to RSS feed but am getting an error (some lines of code pop up) and I can’t do it right now. Will keep checking back.

  6. HenrikeD says:

    Watch this page closely and then hit the `first comic` button and see how much this comic progressed, especially in poses, expressions, colour…well, about in everything. Awesome to see.

    What hasn`t changed are the great characters, I love these side stories.