Podcast madness!

In all the shuffle of getting through finals, getting back home, and then Thanksgiving, I’d almost forgotten about an exciting event coming up this Wednesday: Hailey and I have been invited as guests on the webcomic podcast Moonhawk Studios Presents!

You can listen to the show live Wednesday, December 1, at 7pmPST/10pmEST on the podcast’s Talkshoe page.
Adam and Mac, the lovely gentlemen who run the podcast, will be interviewing us via Skype. We’d love to hear from you readers during the course of the show, so please feel free to log on and and send questions – the best way to do so is probably through the chat on that same Talkshoe page. No need to be a member, just join the chat at any point during the live broadcast. Hope to see you there!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Sean says:

    I’ll definitely be there! :D

  2. Alana Abbott says:

    I love the page you made to celebrate! :) Great image.