Next comic will be posted… soonish! It’s partially sketched at this point and still needs to be polished, inked, and colored. I’ll keep you updated on the progress and will have it ready as soon as possible :)

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  1. Hugo says:

    Such a tease! I’ve been checking every day, and every day my hopes are dashed! XD
    But it, I am sure, will be well worth the wait! :D

  2. Jenma says:

    A very big tease! Will we ever again have a set schedule? Even if it’s not as often as the old, it’d be nice to know when to check instead of doing so everyday :P

  3. GoSign says:

    Two weeks is not soonish!

    It’s okay though, we know you’re probably wrapped up in other things. No need for a schedule or promises, just as long as you post pages whenever you finish them, I’ll be happy!

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