Struggling on

Weeks late, here’s the page I intended to finish and post after Paris.

As unfortunate as it is, I think I’m going to have to cave in to saying that I’ll just update whenever I can. A lot of my creative energy is going into planning my senior film, and into taking advantage of being out in the French countryside sketching and painting as much as possible. Dovecote is important to me, but for the time being it’s taken a back seat to these other endeavors.

I want to make it through Ben, Tess, and Jeremy’s backstory comics at least, so a page might appear every once in a while. It’s not much, but it’s something.

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  1. wynne says:

    As long as Dovecote doesn’t stop completely, that’s all I ask!

  2. nessili says:

    Ditto! We understand that whole real world business. Dovecote is _so_ worth waiting for :)

  3. Jack says:

    Google reader thought I might like Dovecote and recced it to me today, and it was right. Just spent some happy time reading through the archives and I have to say I look forward to updates however and whenever they come. Subscribed and everything — though the rss link on your main page didn’t work for me. Y’all do amazing work!

  4. Bex says:

    Sketching and painting sounds awesome :D Hope you enjoy La France!

  5. Anne says:

    I’m happy to get an update whenever you can manage one, and I don’t mind waiting – especially when they’re always so good :) Enjoy your opportunities in France!

  6. Alana Abbott says:

    Yay, an update! I keep popping by to check, knowing that you’re going to be sporadic for awhile. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your time abroad!

  7. Rachel says:

    Good gravy, an update! I absolutely LOVE the expressions on this page! LOVE THEM. **twirls**

  8. Angelina says:

    I don’t care when the updates are! I love your comic! :) :)

  9. JasmineP. says:

    have you considered putting the comic on piperka? it’ll tell readers when it updates since it’s so sporadic.

    best of luck with school and stress!

  10. Peg says:

    A voyage to France to create art is a special experience! Savor every moment. And what you learn about drawing will benefit Dovecote, when you return. All the Best! :)

  11. Jessi says:

    Don’t worry about it! Honestly we’re just happy we get to see Dovecote. :) Have fun and good luck!

  12. Em says:

    This is my unhappy face


  13. mel says:

    your in the FRENCH COUNTYSIDE…take as long as you need and enjoy.

  14. Jeanette says:

    Come back to us!! :’(

    We miss you and we miss Dovecote, too!

    I hope you’re enjoying yourself, and I can’t wait to read more of Dovecote. I love this story to bits!

  15. xscythe7x says:

    Well have fun! But PLEASE COME BACK eventually :)

  16. Alana Abbott says:

    Miss you guys… hope you’re still having a fantastic time!

  17. madmab says:

    i hope you’re coming back soon :(

  18. Hugo says:

    I miss this comic. :(

  19. Cody Elizabeth says:

    I miss this comic too!

  20. Suzanne says:

    This is Dovecote’s longest hiatus, to my recollection, so first off I hope you two are doing okay. In fact, I hope you’re doing swell and that’s why DC has been pushed to the backburner! I’m not heartbroken yet, but this is one of my favoritest webcomics of all time (and that’s saying something) and it will definitely make my week when it starts updating again, however sporadically. Hope your lives are going well!

  21. Angelina says:

    I hope you guys come back at some point! your comic was the best! :)

  22. LadyOtter says:

    Dovecote fix? *whimpers* my addiction is in need of fodder. :( hope you guys are ok!

  23. BlindThistle says:

    I miisses this comic very much pleeeeease come back I will bribe you with brownies!

  24. Hey ladies — saw the number one best trash-talk ever on and thought of you. Civil War History for the win! :)

  25. MacBeth51 says:

    At least let us know if you’re still alive.

  26. Stock says:

    Should we be worried? Definitely very sad to have not heard from you guys at all.

  27. Happy holidays, ladies! Miss you, but hope you’re both having an excellent year. Hope the thesis is going well, Bridget! Don’t know what Hailey’s up to, but I hope it’s equally exciting. :)

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