November 29th, 2010

Dovecote Radio

Discussion (14)¬

  1. Zovesta says:

    I’m mildly confused as to what happened. o3o

  2. Alvin says:

    maybe they did a topic on dovecote crest!

    • Alvin says:

      ok after doing a little research, apparently Moonhawk Studios Presents hosts online voice chats or whatever about webcomics with their creators, sorta like an online radio talk show, but on webomics (i think).
      if that’s correct, does that mean they’re gonna do a feature on dovecote crest?!

  3. SusanTheCat says:

    [quote]Look at Bridget’s blog post, just below this. :)[/quote]

    I got here via the RSS feed and Bridget’s blog post isn’t on the individual pages . You gave to go to the main page to see it.


  4. dadman says:

    Even before I read the blogpost, I grokked what was up. I’m an inveterate public radio listener. (We recently celebrated Inveterates Day. ;) )

    Seriously cool panel with, great color depth. Hope the taping goes well!

  5. Manda says:

    I love Charlie’s starry-eyed expression as she looks at Jeremy (who I assume is talking nerdy to the radio hosts). :D

    Also, Ben fighting with his headphones is adorable. I can’t wait to hear your podcast interview!

  6. Jeanette says:

    I agree with Manda, completely!

    I can hardly with to hear your interview! :D

  7. Monica says:

    Hey, um, you might’ve addressed this ages ago, in which case I apologise, but are you aware that the RSS feed no longer works and hasn’t for a while? Is it gonna be fixed or should I just get over it?
    Also, congrats on finishing uni and stuff for now or whatever. Hope everything went well.

    • Bridget says:

      Yeah, I’m aware of the RSS problem. My previous plan was to chip away at it in whatever spare time I could muster, but spare time never materialized. So, the new plan: there are only a few more comics left in this arc (and by few I mean count-on-one-hand), and once the arc is complete, I’m going to do a complete website overhaul/update. It’s been needing it for a while. In the course of that, I think the RSS will get repaired.

      Thanks for the congrats – still have a year and a half to go, but it’ll be good :)

      • Monica says:

        Oh rad, it’s not that big an issue really. Relax for a bit. I don’t know how you even manage to do a comic while doing uni – I’m doing an animation degree myself, and this last semester I barely had time to draw breath, let alone a comic. So kudos. Massive kudos. Don’t know how you managed to not explode.

  8. Sean says:

    Who’s excited for this tonight? THIS GUY. :D And is that a cameo by Bridget and Hailey in the background? I do believe it just might be. :D

  9. Seanan says:

    why do the people behind the glass look similar to all the characters in front?

    • Julia says:

      Well, the two girls behind the glass are Hailey and Bridget (at least, they look a lot like them). No clue who the guys are.