April 20th, 2010

Waiting in the night

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  1. Alvin says:

    omg love it, ben’s startled expression, priceless

  2. Katherine says:

    I love this page.
    That is all.

  3. Rick in Mexico says:

    Love how the bicycle wheel makes Ben look like an Inca sun god. Or something.

  4. Idunyken says:

    New theory: Charlie is the ghost :P Think about it..how else could she have snuck up the stairs of an old wooden-floored house with those boots?

  5. Captain Blood says:

    “I did research . . .” Ah Charlie, I think I love you . . .

  6. dadman says:

    I hope this isn’t too crude, but…

    If Ben had a full bladder before Charlie came in, he likely doesn’t now. :-0

  7. marjpants13 says:

    lmao. hilarious!

  8. Caitlin says:

    Charlie has officially lost it :D

    I am glad I finished eating before reading this. A good portion of it would have landed on the screen due to my uncontainable laughter.

  9. Meg says:

    i’m pretty sure this is officially my favorite page. hands down.

  10. Elwen says:

    Ohh, Charlie… XD Poor Ben’s lost enough sanity points already, didja really have to risk him losing more? :3

    “…I did research.”
    “Of course you did.” *facepalm* Hahaha, love it!

  11. iKatie says:

    HAHA! I love you Charlie

  12. lauren says:

    Love the second panel.

    This is too good.

  13. Littoria says:


  14. wynne says:

    Ooooooh… fireflies pretty….

  15. Eva says:

    Beautiful coloring!

    I bet Ben nearly had a heart attack when Charlie came in. I absolutely love his expression in the last panel!

  16. Mercy says:

    I love the first panel especially…cue spooky music and the GHOST!

  17. Dani says:

    The last panel=WIN! Can’t wait to see what happens!

  18. Jennifer says:

    Their faces in the last panel make me so happy. :D

  19. Rachael says:


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