Most of Charlie’s background is blatantly Bridget’s and mine. This is one example. Though I don’t this particular tidbit ever came up.

I also can’t let Bridget take all the credit for this coming week’s break, as the fault is at least equally mine… though I lack the compelling excuse of midterms, and the show I have heretofore been using as an excuse for my lack of productivity closed three weeks ago, so I feel like the statue of limitations there has probably run out. At any rate, I’m sure you’d all rather I dedicate my time to writing rather than thinking up excuses not to, so I’ll get back to you on Tuesday.


  1. Joshua Olmsted says:

    Haha, it’s funny that I already knew about Bridget’s Catholic school background from reading Fade to Black. That’s cool that you can both incorporate bits of personal background into a comic like this. Good luck with mid-terms, I stuck in the same doldrums. ;_;