So… I’m still alive, for the record. Though the script snafu of early September certainly suggested otherwise… all I can do is offer my most profuse apologies. Any and all slacking this fall has been totally my fault. I’m spending my fall semester in England, and was unexpectedly without internet access for the first two weeks.

As for the story arc that wouldn’t end… I am absolutely thrilled to report that I just sent the final scripts to Bridget mere moments ago. There’s always the possibility of additions, as Bridget comes up with brilliant plot ideas that never crossed my mind… but I think it’s done. So the end is in sight!

Alan Bennett, one of my favorite playwrights, talks about the play you intended to write which is hidden, somewhere, within the play you actually end up writing. Dovecote isn’t a play, of course, but the principle applies… the story I set out to write was so very different from the beast this thing became… And there were definitely some growing pains along the way (like, um, the date of the battle changing halfway through… er…). But I think its heart remained intact, even as the details shifted wildly, including an entirely new ending thought up by Bridget right before we both left for school.

So, I want to apologize again for all the ball-dropping that happened on my end the past month or so. You guys are amazingly awesome and I feel terrible for having left you in suspense. And I promise that the next story arc will be very, very short…

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  1. dadman says:

    Ah, heck. Give yourself a break out of petty cash—you’ve both certainly banked enough goodwill with this reader to deserve that and more. Thank you for taking the time to think about what you’re doing and caring enough to get it right. It clearly shows, and we clearly appreciate it.

    Am I right, fellow readers? :)

  2. Meg says:

    I agree! You both have worked so hard on this comic (and it shows, both the artwork and the writing are exceptional) and you always communicate with your readers as to what is going on with the new pages. Real life happens and I think it’s awesome that you’ve continued to work on Dovecote despite busy schedules, schoolwork, and travel. Most people would have just said “forget this” and stopped. I don’t think anyone begrudges you with sporadic updates or no updates at all for a while. I certainly don’t. Enjoy your time in England and remember to breathe once in a while. :)

  3. lauren says:

    But I like the long stories because it means more time with the characters! :)

  4. Alana Abbott says:

    I’ve been loving this story, and I’m just always glad for updates. I never feel like you two completely drop off the face of the planet, which is when comics start to frustrate me — even if you’re on hiatus, it’s not a long break, and I know I’ll have more DC to look forward to!

    I hope your semester was brilliant, and that you had a great experience abroad. And, as for Bennett, YES. That’s so true, whether it’s comics or prose or plays. Finding that story is one of the great fun challenges of writing. :)

  5. Cat says:

    A semester in England? I’m amazingingly jealous of you right now. Spent a month studying at Oxford the summer of 2009; I loved it so. Wish I were you. :P

    But yeah, I can understand being unexpectedly without internet. While I was there, the same thing happened to me, so no worries! Don’t give yourself such a hard time. It wasn’t your fault. :D

    We all still love you and Bridget. And Dovecote, of course.

  6. neekaneeks says:

    I just got into this comic not that long ago and was instantly a fan. I think you’re both super talented and very dedicated… and well it shows. Enjoy school and definitely enjoy England.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  7. Delia says:

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