pea ridge

Since someone requested it, you can (finally) find the rest of the original one act here. After two years of college playwriting classes, the quality of it… kind of makes me want to cry. But this is where Dovecote originally came from!

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  1. Bernice says:

    Actually, I liked it! :)

  2. Kelly Anne says:

    Yay! You posted Scene 5 twice, however. The same entry, just double the text. I read them both, just in case it was an alternate ending. :)

  3. Prestwick says:

    Somehow, Pea Ridge doesn’t have the same…gravitas that Dovecote Crest. Sounds like it should be in a childrens book somewhere with pea people in it :)

    • Hailey says:

      Hee! Pea Ridge was an actual place, for what it’s worth; the name Dovecote Crest has the benefit of being made up, and could therefore be chosen purely based on how nice it sounded rather than, you know, logic or anything like that.

      • Prestwick says:

        I actually remember now! There was a childrens cartoon in the UK called “The Poddington Peas”!

        Your script was not in vain!!!!!!111

  4. Caitlin says:

    Hailey, this was, in a way, cruel and unusual.

    Here I come to get my daily (biweekly?) dose of Dovecote, and I see that you post the original Act One. So where does that leave me? Of COURSE, I had to read it all. And then I HAD to reread all of Act One’s comics and fall in love with them all over again.

    Meanwhile, I am supposed to be turning in an essay…

    (head falls into cradled hands) I just have no self control!

    • Caitlin says:

      By the way, I did like your original play version of Dovecote. But do I think that your writing has really matured, and all of the additions and changes you made were really successful in creating much more depth to the characters. And though I did quite like the declaration of love in the play version, I think that the comic version gives a lot of flesh and reality to the character of Charlie in particular. A writer myself (though unfortunately out of practice the last few months), I am somewhat selective in what I read. That being said, I really admire what you have done and are doing with Dovecote, which is why it is my favorite webcomic and keeps me coming back for more!

      Ahem. I should also warn you… In my rereading of Act One (well, Article One, since I am talking about the comic), I posted what might be considered a plethora of comments, depending on what you consider to be a plethora. And I even got the “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” warning. So… sorry if I seem to be the annoying fangirl of the day :)

  5. Em says:

    I really loved seeing how Dovecote Crest grew out of Pea Ridge! The play was good, but I love how you fleshed out the characters and the scenes in the comic–especially the part when Charlie reads a soldier’s letter at her new job. It always makes me cry.

    You know a comic’s good when it can actually make a person cry. :)

  6. You should totally add your site to so I can add it to my faves. =]

  7. Jamie Lockard says:

    I have to laugh cause I am from Arkansas. Anyway good story and good art as well. Have you ever been to Pea Ridge?