the letter

First of all, I have to note that Bridget’s art for this section has been so much more fantastically lovely than anything I could ever have imagined. It is definitely 100% responsible for the emotional impact that people have been commenting about for these pages. However, I am so happy to hear that this is working as a narrative device, as I was absolutely people would just find it awkward or weird. But from the way people have been reacting, I think this is going to flow perfectly into the next section, and I’m super excited. Thank you all so much for your feedback!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Stephen says:

    I don’t know what you were worried about. Charlie must feel like such a chump after that whole “This is not History” speech.

  2. Brigadier General Hugh Mercer says:

    How could this be awkward? I’m working on a Rev. War novel, and this just gave me a bunch of ideas…TKU!

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